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Cinema Consultation

In need of research and information to help you on your new cinema?

We provide consultation for new or existing cinemas who wish to open at a new venue, we have extensive research in the cinema market which includes the following:

  • Demographic review of population based at certain area
  • Cinema performance based at certain area
  • Population vs Screen and Seat counts
  • Types of technologies present

With these kind of information, we are able to provide advice and perform research on how viable it will be to launch a movie theatre at that said location.

Our team of professionals with more than 10 years of field experience is ready to assist you.

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Design and Acoustics Consultation

Designing a cinema consist of many parameters, from auditorium ratio, viewing angles, loudspeakers SPL calculations to placement.

Our team is ready to assist you:

Design and Plan Reviews

  • Have a new site and need help on the design? Our team can assist in formulizing how many auditoriums can be done in an area, design stage and platforms.
  • With our construction partner we are able to provide turnkey design-and-build for your movie theatre.

System Design Consultation

  • Based on your cinema plans, we can design screen sizes, positions, sound system options and cost effective projection solutions.

Acoustics Design and Performance Review

  • Acoustics plays an important role in a movie theatre, from how silent the air flow HVAC has to be until the STC Rate of the wall.
  • We provide designs for wall STC Performance improvements for existing and new movie theatres, ceiling designs to eliminate rain noise from entering the theatre, HVAC noise and reverberation time RT60 treatments.
  • We provide on-site test and reports for FSTC, RT60 and HVAC noise.

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Project Management

We can assist you from the initial stages to the opening of your theatre.

We provide:

  • Drawing and specifications review
  • System requirements advice
  • Equipment shipping and delivery management
  • Project scheduling

And to make sure a smooth project flow we work together with construction, architectural and technical firms to ensure the best result’s possible.

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Commissioning & Installation

With our many years of experience, we are confident and capable of providing installation and commissioning works for cinema projection solutions and custom solutions to meet your needs.

Our installation team provides the following under this service:

  • Unpacking and mounting of equipment’s
  • Electrical, Audio and Network wiring works
  • Installation, positioning and calibration of sound systems to industry standards
  • Installation, setup and calibration of projection systems to industry standards
  • Design full automation scripts to ease cinema operations
  • Theater management system installation and setup
  • And more

During the installation process our team will report to the appointed client personnel about the progress and any issue’s that may occur and necessary steps to improve or resolve the matter.

Upon completion, testing and commissioning will be done with detailed reports on the equipment and quality performance.

Please view our online products and if there any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Service Agreements

We provide service agreements to clients who wish for extensive support for their systems or either a scheduled periodic maintenance.

Support Management:

  • Multi-Level support based on client needs and budget.
  • Phone and Helpdesk support with round the clock staff working to resolve urgent issue’s and reduce downtime.
  • When an issue is determined to be a hardware fault, our technicians are directly dispatched to the site to fix or replace the components (if covered by warranty or agreement).
  • Monthly reporting on support calls, types of issue’s or custom reports can be made available.

Periodic Maintenance

  • Scheduled services for Projection and Sound equipment.
  • Done by experienced engineers following procedures outlined by manufacturers and best practices.
  • Option for Major maintenance which includes screen cleaning and detailed check and replacement of optics to achieve brightness that is required.

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Spares & Consumables

Spares and Consumables are important for continuous operations of a cinema theatre; with our belief a cinema must continue show’s we keep a high value of spares and consumables to ensure continuous operations.

Spare Parts

  • Equipment full assemblies and components are kept to serve our clients.
  • Clients that are on a deployment plan gets spares located at various locations to ease spare movement and advance replacements.
  • Our spare part inventory includes Projector parts, Sound equipment and speaker parts, Automation and more.


  • Parts that are regularly needed by the equipment’s such as Xenon Lamps, Filters and Coolant are up-kept to serve our customers.

RMA Management

  • For clients covered under warranty and extended warranty enjoys the placement of Spare parts at strategic locations.
  • We manage breakdown cases and handle the warranty claims during the warranty and extended warranty.

We strongly believe in reducing downtime and maintaining the cinema experience, with years of extensive experience we believe by having a good track record of stock, consumables and rma management for our clients will put our clients at ease.

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